From March to May: A Q & A

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Seattle based duo March To May has just released their first EP The Water’s Edge, a continental-sounding folk project that blends the sounds of Celtic harp, Spanish guitar, soft percussion, and haunting strings with the lilting harmonies of the voices of Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche.  The result is an understated but passionate journey through the halls of musical awakening, essence, and love.  There is fresh

CD Review: Thomas Hine–Forgive My Future

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Colorado singer/songwriter Thomas Hine’s latest CD Forgive My Future (2013) is a modern folk album with that which is reminiscent of the sixties.  The new film LLewyn Davis comes to mind.  I can picture Hine in a smoky folk club rendering these songs to a captive audience.  The lyrics overall are thought provoking, at times a little hard to follow, but overall insightful.  The recording has a homespun sound to it, but that is not a bad thing.  The production is not overdone.  It’s more a raw project with all kinds of

CD Review: Joy Kills Sorrow—Wide Awake

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Boston-based folk group Joy Kills Sorrow’s newest EP Wide Awake promises just what its title states.  It awakens yours senses, your capability to dream though music, and keeps you awake till the last drone of the bass fades.  The driving rhythms conjure travel in my mind.  From the first electrified chords of mandolin on track one, an energetic piece titled “Was It You,” I find myself transported to the passenger car of an old train, racing down the tracks as Emma Beaton’s flawless voice soars above the rumble, “Wide awake and

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